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Religious Education

At Larkrise Primary School, we help all children to develop an understanding of the place that religion plays in people’s lives and how it has influenced history and our society and continues to do so. We will use the SAT RE scheme, which follows the agreed Essex SACRE 2022 Syllabus. This allows learners to explore religious education through three lenses; theology, philosophy and human and social science. Our aim is to instil curiosity for and tolerance towards world religions and to help children understand about faiths, beliefs and how religion has influenced the development of society and the community in which we live. Through the Scheme of Work, we aim to make links between the beliefs and practices of people from world faiths with aspects of the children’s own lives, whether religious or otherwise.


Our RE scheme runs from EYFS to year 6 and will provide learners with a solid foundation for further RE learning at secondary school. Below you will find an overview of learning, a description of the different lenses and an example of the teaching sequence followed in each lesson.