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At Larkrise, we use the mastery approach to maths teaching. This is a research-driven teaching and learning method that meets the goals of the National Curriculum. As a school our mastery approach is taught using the White Rose scheme of learning.


But what does this mean in practice? In summary, a mastery approach…

  • Puts numbers first- White Rose’s scheme of learning has number at their heart, because they believe confidence with numbers is the first step to competency in the curriculum.
  • Puts depth before breadth: White Rose’s scheme of learning reinforces knowledge and skills again and again.
  • Encourages collaboration: Children can progress through the scheme as a group, supporting each other as they learn.
  • Focuses on fluency, reasoning and problem solving: This gives children the skills they need to become competent mathematicians.


As a school we use the resources provided by White Rose, but teachers adapt the plans and resources to support the needs of the children in their classes to ensure that all children are ‘mastering’ the skills required within the lesson.

At the heart of the mastery approach is the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract (CPA) approach. Research shows that when children are introduced to a new concept. Working with concrete physical resources and pictorial representations leads to a better understanding of abstract concepts. We use the CPA approach throughout our teaching from EYFS to Year 6. Children are encouraged to use CPA to build it, draw it, say it and write it to help support their learning and understanding. All aspects of CPA are used within a mathematics lesson.

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