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Online Safety

The internet can be a fun and engaging source of entertainment and information for children. It's a create way to connect and communicate with family and friends. However it's vitally important that your child understands how to stay safe online.


At Larkrise Primary School, every child is taught how to stay safe online as part of our Computing curriculum, which is taught using Purple Mash. Our curriculum equips all children with the necessary tools to become discerning consumers of the digital content. We support our pupils to recognise that their digital activity forms a footprint that follows them throughout their lives and is searchable by others.


Parents take an active role in ensuring they are fully informed and closely monitor their child's use of the internet. Some strategies that enable parents to do this, include:


  • Checking that the apps, games and films your child is watching/playing are appropriate for their age by taking notice of the PEDI rating
  • Making sure your child only connects with people online that they know in real life
  • Checking privacy settings on all devices
  • Maintaining open discussions with your child about their online activity


Below are some links that offer advice and information on the subject of online safety: