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Online Safety

The document below contains useful online safety reminders during shutdown

Online Safety


We teach children how to stay safe online as part of our Computing curriculum via 'Purple Mash'. Our curriculum also includes regular sessions and assemblies through which we teach children the necessary tools to become discerning consumers of digital content. We help them understand that their digital activity forms a footprint that follows them throughout their lives and is searchable by others.

It is also essential for parents to be fully informed and have strategies in place to ensure their children's cyber safety.


  • Check that the apps, games and films your children are watching/playing are appropriate for their age. PEGI ratings advise which games are appropriate for which age: they protect children from extreme scenes in many cases, so TAKE NOTICE of them.
  • Make sure your children only make friends with people online that they know in real life. Emphasise that not everyone is who they say they are.
  • Check privacy settings on all devices.
  • Have an open discussion with your child so they are comfortable telling you if things go wrong. Be involved in your child’s online life. If they love an on-line game, or site, explore it with them so you can chat about it together and, most importantly, understand how it works.


Below are some links that will help you stay safe and up-to-date with online safety for the whole family.



What Parents Need to Know About Tik Tok


Follow the link for some short video clips to give you the information you need about Tik Tok:


YouTube Safety Poster

Online Safety Alerts - Think Before you Scare - Updated 2019