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Reading is a vitally important skill and enables children to access all parts of their learning. This is why we would like to see children reading as much as possible at home during this time. 


There are two Reading Challenges set up on Dojo portfolios for children to be working on at the moment, which we hope will provide them with some encouragement. We would love to see as many of you as possible joining in with these.


Don't forget, you have access to a wide range of books, eBooks, audio books and phonics resources on Big Cat Collins.


Primary | Primary English | Collins Big Cat


Oxford Owl is another fantastic website which has a huge library of free eBooks for you to access as well as an abundance of resources for other subjects.


Oxford Owl for Home: help your child learn at home | Oxford Owl




An important part of learning to read is having a secure knowledge of Phonics to decode texts. If your child is in EYFS or Key Stage 1, their teacher will be setting regular Phonics lessons. However, there are lots of other resources you could use to support your child with this at home including for children in higher year groups who find reading challenging. 


This are the songs we use in school to support the children's knowledge of sounds:


Song of Sounds (kids version) - YouTube


Song of Sounds - Stage 2 - YouTube


Song of Sounds 3 - YouTube


You can also find many different website with Phonics games and printable activities to support your child. These are just a few of the free ones we think are really useful.




Phonics Games for the Classroom and Home - Phonics Bloom


Letters and Sounds, English Games for 5-7 Years - Topmarks


Phonics - KS1 English - BBC Bitesize


Free Phonics Worksheets & Activities | Monster Phonics


If you have any questions or concerns about how else you can support your child with their reading, please contact their class teacher for support and advice. 



Coming soon.....

 A recap on how to use spelling fingers

FAQ for Reading and Phonics




Tricky Words:

Please find below videos to help you with teaching Phonics and Reading at home. I hope you find them useful.

I have also included a document with a list of all the tricky words that need to be learned.


Class Reading Champions



Well done to the following classes who won Class Reading Champions for the week before half term.

YEAR 1- 468 minutes read

YEAR 3- 661 minutes read


A big well done to this week's winners of Class Reading Champions! Year 1 seem to be on a winning streak at the moment!

YEAR 1- 568 minutes read

YEAR 3- 510 minutes read



Well done to this week's winners of the Reading Champions challenge! It is lovely to see so many of you joining in now. If you haven't started yet, there's always time. Check out the challenges on Dojo.

YEAR 1- 459 minutes read

YEAR 5- 290 minutes read



A huge well done to the following two classes who won last week's Reading Champions challenge! Keep reading everyone!


YEAR 1- 326 minutes read

YEAR 3- 623 minutes read!!! surpriselaugh


Reading Bingo Challenge



Well done to these two children who won a reading award for the week before half term.

Amy in YR- Silver & Gold awards

Eduarda in Y5- Silver award



A big congratulations to the following children for winning an award last week.

Poppy in Y1- Bronze award

Dottie in Y1- Gold award

Rorie in Y1- Bronze award

Eva in Y1- Bronze award

Isobelle in Y3- Bronze award

Alex in Y6- Bronze award



Well done to the following people, who achieved an award last week.

Melania in YR- Gold award

Eva in Y3- Bronze award

Oliver B in Y3- Gold award

Eduarda in Y5- Bronze award



Well done to these children for achieving their awards last week.

Thomas in YR- Bronze award

Kian in Y1- Bronze award

Lewis in Y3- Bronze award

Oliver B in Y3- Silver award




A huge well done to these children for making a wonderful start on the Bingo Challenge!

Amy in YR- Bronze award

Dara in Y3- Gold award

Lacey in Y6- Gold award