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Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Disability Information

SEND Policy and School Send Report

Special Educational Needs


All children, including those with special needs, learn best in a supportive environment where their self-confidence, independence, and talents are encouraged.  Teachers plan to meet the needs of pupils of all abilities.  Where necessary, they will work with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) to plan individual programmes for those with specific learning difficulties.  Specialist advice will be sought when needed and regular meetings are held with teachers and other professionals; parents are included wherever possible.  We plan small, measurable, achievable, realistic targets (SMART) to help children to progress.


Equity of Access for Disabled Pupils


We believe in equity of access for all pupils and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that no person is unfavourably treated because of disability.  If such an instance is brought to our attention, we will act quickly to rectify the situation.  If any person has a concern about the treatment of a disabled pupil, they should contact the Headteacher in the first instance.  They could also contact the Governing Body through the school.


Facilities for Disabled Pupils


Through enhanced accommodation and improved resources, we have made extensive provision for the high proportion of Larkrise children that have Special Educational Needs.  With the support of the Local Authority, any necessary provision for disabled pupils would be made as and when needed.


We regard ourselves as an inclusive school and take this commitment extremely seriously.


We have a disabled toilet and a separate small shower room.  The front entrance is accessible due to a sloping path.  In school there are steps leading to KS2.  There is a handrail or an outside route.


Disability Access Plan


There are ramps to the main entrance and the hall and designated parking.


Gifted and Talented


We are constantly looking at ways we can meet the needs of the more able as well.  This might mean that a group of children from across the school work together on a long-term cross-curricular project.  Sometimes this requires an individual programme and the involvement of the SENCo.  On other occasions this could mean children having 1:1 tutoring for a set period of time.