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Welcome to Year 5 - Emus!

June 2016

We have been working really hard since our return to school after half term.  We have begun to learn about the solar system and earth’s place within it.  We have also thought about the relative size of planets and their distance from the sun.  We are continuing to make progress through the maths and English programmes of study.


We have had a busy week of visits!  We went to Great Baddow High School for a whole day, heard all about Roald Dahl at the library and had a talk about puberty from the school nurse.


All of the class are really looking forward to arts week, when we can be really creative and share our work with you during the open afternoon on Friday of that same week.  We have also got sports and Olympic days to enjoy together.


It seems unbelievable that there are only a few weeks left of the current school year and that the class will soon become the oldest pupils in the school as we transition to year 6!

May 2016

It’s almost half-term again – time passes quickly when you are working hard, and the class certainly have been! 

In English we have been exploring and writing non-chronological reports and everyone has enjoyed writing their own about an imaginary creature called a miptor.  The class really let their imaginations run wild to create a guide to looking after their fantastic creature.  We are currently doing some story writing work based on a short film called ‘Dangle’ and we will be writing our own story based on this.


In maths we have looked at work on co-ordinates, translations and reflections and shape and we are currently working on addition and subtraction of five digit numbers.


In topic we have been looking at what’s on our doorstep and have learnt a lot about plants.  We have also designed our own games to play with younger children and we will be using these with KS1 after half term as the class take on the role of play leaders.

April 2016

It’s only the end of the second week back since Easter but we have had a really busy time.  We have begun learning about a new topic and have been busy starting to think about plants and their different parts and functions.


Our English work is progressing well – we have been writing newspaper articles, which are quite a tricky genre to work on. 

In maths we started with working mentally with decimal numbers and have moved on to long multiplication.


On 21st April we had a party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.  Congratulations to Pearl, who was judged to have designed and made the best crown!  Finally, a big thank you to of you who made and/or donated cakes – the pupils really enjoyed them.

January 2016

Year 5 have had a busy introduction to the new term!

There were big changes in terms of teachers, with Mrs Longhurst sadly leaving Year 5 to take Year 6 through their SATs and Mrs Aveline joining the school as the Emu’s new teacher.  However, the class has coped with the changes in a mature and responsible way and we are busy continuing with all of our learning.


The topic last term was ‘Castles’.  The class looked at castle life, job roles within castles, castles structure and features and enjoyed a visit to Colchester Castle.


Our current topic is ‘Fairgrounds’.   We have located and plotted some of the world’s major theme parks on map and made posters advertising a travelling funfair.  We have also created pictures of a funfair scene.  We will also be planning and making a model connected with fairgrounds, and looking at examples of fairground art and its historical importance.

In Maths, we have been working hard, learning lots of different mathematical strategies. We started by looking at large numbers and the importance of understanding place value.  We also used our knowledge of place value to work mentally with decimals. We have discovered that ‘Frog’ is a great way to add and subtract.  We have moved on to investigating prime and square numbers, and we will be continuing work on the four operations and problem solving.

In English we started by looking at a collection of stories in a book called ‘Short!’ by Kevin Crossley-Hammond.  We read and discussed a number of stories, using one of them to help us to write our own.  These are currently being made into a class book.  At the moment looking at poetic style using the poetry of Michael Rosen and Roger McGough, and we will be moving on to look at some other famous poets and authors.

All in all it has been a busy but exciting start to the new year.  We are looking forward to all the new learning that will be taking place.

December 2015

Year 5 have had a busy term!
Our topic last half term was Materials. We looked at; changes of state between solids, liquids and gases, the effects of pollution on our environment, suitable materials for buildings and products and investigated different materials for a company that wanted advice on a suitable material for their product.

This term, we have been studying castles. We have looked at; castle life, job roles within castles, castles structure and features and are looking forward to our castle visit next week!

In maths, we have been working hard, learning lots of different processes. We have looked at mental methods for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. We have also learnt effective written methods such as column, ladder, bus and grid methods.
This half term we have looked closely at decimals, fractions and angles too!

Last half term in English we looked at sentence structure, from simple to complex. Relative clauses, subordinate and coordinate conjunctions have been adding effect to our writing and we have looked at and written some recounts and instructions too!
This half term we have enjoyed lots of drama, Kung Fu Punctuation and UFO stories. It has been a busy term involving lots of learning!


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