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January 2016

This Spring Term we have been studying the Mayans and the country of Guatemala looking at the human and physical features of the area. Through the topic work we have been learning about the Mayan Creation Story and have written our own versions. Following on from this, we researched the Mayan gods and how they were worshipped. Our research drawings were then used to support our design ideas which were developed to make our own gods. From this we created Mayan masks made from papier mache. We have also been finding out about the Mayan people and how they live.

Our English work has mainly been based on Traditional Fairy Tales. We shared a range of familiar stories and then began to change the characters to help us write our own Fairy Tales.

December 2015

Snowy Owls have had a busy time this Autumn term. The children took on roles as news reporters when reading The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.  To keep with our theme ‘Bright Sparks’ they created electrical circuits and incorporated alarms and buzzers which they used to create a safe house for the remaining little pig.


After half term, the Snowy Owls Constabulary was engaged in some serious crime busting activities as the team had to solve a murder mystery that had taken place. Crime scene - the classroom!  By working through a series of clues and puzzles, all in different codes, the class team were able to gradually eliminate suspects from their enquiries.


As the term progressed, we have been exploring life during the Stone Age considering how the first people lived and survived during that time. Keeping with the stone theme, a stone giant has been to visit the class asking for help to find her son. Our task will be to trap the baby stone giant…but how? The children will be studying methods and features of writing instructions and will write their own instructions to help us return the baby giant to his mum!

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