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Welcome to Year 6 - Larks!


June 2016

During June in English we are looking at balanced arguments.   Year 6 debated the EU referendum and after careful considered arguments on either side voted to leave the EU by one vote.  In maths we have been working on our mental maths skills and solving real life problems.


We are working extremely hard on our production and are excited to show everyone the final result on Tuesday 19th June at 1.30pm (tickets are available now).  We have had a leavers photo taken and this should be appearing in the Essex Chronicle on Thursday 30th June.  We are also planning and looking forward to the leavers final reward on Thursday 21st July when they will be attending a Hawaiian themed luau.   More information to follow.

May 2016

As we enter the Larks final term at Larkrise Primary School we continue to keep up the hard work.  In English we having been looking at Myths and Legends, in particular Theseus and the Minotaur and Pandora’s Box.    In Maths we have been using a combination of our maths skills such as problem solving, money, division and multiplication to work out how to plan and cost parties.  


We have been rehearsing for our production of Shakespeare Rocks looking at stage directions, and how to project our voices.     In DT we have been making props and backdrops towards the production.


During May we had an amazing time at Kingswood and survived the SATS and look forward to the next adventure!

April 2016

As the SATS grow closer we continue to revise maths skills as well as grammar, punctuation and spelling.  We will be doing reading comprehension practice in preparation for the big week.  Our topic this month is called “Is there a better time to live here?”  The class will be encouraged to investigate and compare what life is like now with lives in other historical eras.  The class are on a winning streak.  Firstly, winning the attendance award again then many of our pupils have had their saga writing chosen to be published in a book called Ancient Adventures – Southern England.

March 2016

This month we have become journalists in English reporting about an alien invasion.   In maths we have been looking at fractions and decimals.   In PE we have been learning the skills required to play hockey.   We have been looking at London and using our ipad skills to research River Thames.

February 2016

This month Year 6 have been looking ahead to our SATS and preparing ourselves for the maths papers. We have been thinking about the new arithmetic paper and working on our timetables, division and adding fractions. In English, we have been writing author biographies. We needed to use our computing skills to discover key information about our favourite authors.

Year 6 won the attendance trophy for 2 weeks in February for best attendance! 

January 2016

Year 6 have a busy term ahead! We are studying fossils in our ‘Why do some creatures no longer exist?’ topic and the circulatory system. We have been studying the heart and are looking forward to getting to dissect a real heart!

In maths, we are using short and long multiplication to solve problems, understanding fractions, angles, area, perimeter and volume and preparing for SATs.

In English we have been looking at alien recounts, learning to use adverbial phrases to improve our writing and are using our knowledge of paragraphs and language, to extend our writing.

We are excited that we won the trophy for best attendance last term and using our winning money to have a pizza day!

December 2015

This half term, Year 6 have been learning about the life and times of Anne Frank. We have started learning about her life through reading extracts of her diary. We are learning about the features of diaries and will be having a go at writing our own in the style of Anne Frank.

We have become very interested in the Secret Annexe that Anne and her family lived in and through DT will be having a go at making our own scale model. 

Year 6 are looking forward to Christmas and worked hard learning their lines and song words for Beauty and the Beast. 

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