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Year 6 - Larks

Due to Covid 19 your child has missed a section of their schooling this year. As well as the more academic subjects, they have also missed PSHE lessons relating to ‘Changing Me’ and ‘Relationships’. In school we would teach these through our Jigsaw scheme of work as well as having class discussions.

I have attached the lesson plans we would have used had your child been in school.  Please take time to look at these with your child.

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Here are digital copies of the home learning pack sent home and a list of useful websites to help with home learning

Welcome to Year 6 - Larks!


Friday 19th June


A NEW video message from us all at Larkrise!

Remember, it's important to wash your hands for 20 seconds. Now, reach for the soap....

Reach for the soap!!

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

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Tuesday 9th June

Half term Bingo

A good morning from me (and Kwaks) to you

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Monday 11th May 2020

A video message from us all at Larkrise- Remember, we'll always be there for you...

May the 4th be with you! Star Wars Day it is!

Friday 1st May 2020

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Monday 20th April- Welcome back!

Friday 3rd April 2020

Thursday 2nd April


Hi Year 6 and welcome to week 2 of home learning!

I hope you are all well and managed to enjoy the weekend. 

Here are a few bits to be getting on with this week...


1. Please continue to learn your times tables. Pick a times table that you know you need to work on and focus on that. You could make cards with the answers on the reverse to help you learn them. Don't forget to keep working on Mathletics. Really challenge yourself in those areas you know you need to improve on!

2. Keep reading! I know I have mentioned it all year, but it is such a great skill to have, and at the moment it is a great time to get absorbed in a wonderful story! 

3. As a class, we have discussed many endangered species. Pick an endangered animal that interests you and research it. Create an information page on this animal in your home learning jotter book. Then produce either a persuasive poster or write a persuasive leaflet to encourage others to help protect the animal. You may even want to choose the beloved panda!

4. Sketch your animal carefully. Focus on shading techniques. Remember your first attempt may not be your best, keep working at your sketch to improve it. 

5. Remember to try and stay fit and healthy. Try and join in with Joe Wicks' workout each day. It is good for your body and your soul!


Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Collins




Home Learning


Homework is given out weekly on a Thursday. It should be returned the following Tuesday. There is a labelled homework box in the classroom, where children can hand in their books. Children are given maths homework and spellings to learn. It is important they learn what these spellings mean and how to use them in context. They have a full week to learn their spellings and they are tested, through dictation, first thing on a Thursday morning.

At Larkrise we expect each child to read every day. Daily reading has a huge impact on progress and attainment.

Our Topics


Autumn Term-'What was life like in World War Two?'

We study all aspects of WW2 in this term. We look at how and why the war began, rationing, evacuation, the role of women, the Blitz, the Holocaust and the impact the war has had on Britain. We also create some delicious dishes from war time recipes and design and make our own make do and mend project!


Our science topics are Light and Animals including Humans.


Useful websites:


Spring Term- 'Top Secret.'

We obviously can’t tell you too much about this topic, as it is a secret! This term, we have a heavy focus on our geography skills as well as embracing our inner spy!


Our science topics are Electricity and Living Things and their Habitats.


Useful websites:


Summer Term- 'All the World’s a Stage.'

We immerse ourselves into Tudor life. We look at what life was like for rich and poor Tudors. We investigate forms of entertainment as well as the gruesome punishments and we study influential figures such as, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and of course, William Shakespeare.


Our science topic is Evolution and Inheritance.


Useful websites:


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