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Parent and Teacher Conferences

At Larkrise Primary School, we recognise that parents and carers play a crucial role in supporting their child's learning. Evidence demonstrates that high levels of parental engagement can have a positive impact on a child's academic outcomes. We support parents and carers to engage with their child's learning by:

  • providing regular feedback on a child's progress either verbally or in writing.
  • offering advice on improving the home learning environment
  • delivering workshops or sharing information to support parents of children struggling with core competencies, such as reading or mathematics, and/or behaviour.


To support us in enabling you to best support your child's learning, please make every effort to attend Parent and Teacher Conferences. 


If you would like to discuss additional support for a special educational need or disability, you may arrange an appointment with our SENCO by contacting the school office.


We believe every child is capable of learning with success, thriving with happiness and achieving excellence. Please support us in enabling your child to be the best they can be by using praise and encouraging them to set high aspirations.