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Year 6 Residential Trip to Mersea 2 -4 July 2018



Our first day at Mersea was great fun! Activity group 1 did some caving and a team challenge- Ms Battersby reported that they all did brilliantly, helping each other and enjoying the new experiences.

Activity group 2 did a high ropes ‘leap of faith’ and archery- not at the same time thankfully!!! Lots of children set themselves a goal on the climb and then smashed it! Lots of Larkrise cheering to be heard at the high ropes course! Our archery session was great with children improving every round- some definite Robin Hoods here!!


Dinner was yummy last night (I think desert was the favourite part- surprise, surprise) and hot chocolate later in the evening was a great treat.


So we are just getting ready for breakfast now- All the children enjoyed their first night at camp, reporting this morning that they were all comfortable in their tents and no one was snoring loudly enough to wake anyone up :)


We’re off to do some crabbing and a boat ride later this morning and the weather couldn’t be more perfect.


Hope you are all having fun at school!