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Year 6 Residential Trip to Kingswood July 2017

Year 6 Residential update from Miss Kendall:)


Well Thursday was our best day yet I think! The children are really pushing themselves to take on challenges and showing much more confidence on the high climbing activities.

The day began with aeroball, a sort of mix of trampolining and basketball, where Pearl showed quite a talent and scored lots of goals. All the children really enjoyed this, and it definitely helped them work up an appetite for a big lunch- it looked exhausting!!!

After lunch, we had a go at shelter building. Children were split into three groups and had to construct a shelter using only natural materials. The instructor explained the structure of an A-frame and lean-to shelter and then we got to see whose survival skills would rival Bear Grylls'!! James really enjoyed this activity- I think he would have quite liked to live in his group's shelter... (which was very impressive by the way and far surpassed my expectations of what could be built with the materials available!!)

The 'Leap of Faith' was another climbing challenge in the pre-dinner slot. Children climbed to the top of a telegraph pole to stand on top and then jump off and attempt to catch a trapeze bar! Lots of children made the jump and can feel really proud of themselves - it was scary up there!!!

The children got to try their hand at fencing too, and Thomas showed himself to be rather a good fencer- beating seven competitors in their tournament! Paris won their final battle - perhaps fencing at the next Olympics for these two?!!

One group had a go on the outdoor climbing wall (the other group are later this morning) and it was fab to see Tia putting her incredible flexibility to good use and looking quite a lot like Spiderman as she got to the top of the wall. Showing just how far he has come, Kudak climbed all the way to the top of the wall- an amazing achievement and great to see his growing confidence.

After dinner, we had a swimming session. Thursday was the hottest day so far, so it was great to get into the pool to cool down and we all really enjoyed this.

We ended the day with a campfire and Oliver's birthday cake - what an 11th birthday to remember!!

There are two more activities in store for us this morning, not counting the fun game of: squeeze clothes into a suitcase, remember you've packed something you need, empty suitcase, retrieve item, repack suitcase...etc etc' that is obviously going to start the day.

We are looking forward to seeing you all back at school so we can fill you in on all the details of the week :)

It has been a real pleasure to take this group away- they are so supportive of each other and so many of the adults here have commented on the good behaviour and lovely manners of our children, they really do the school proud.

See you back at school!

Miss Kendall :)


Residential update from Miss Kendall:

Yesterday was a really fun day, Ms Battersby came to visit and we all enjoyed the sunshine.

The day began with archery, where Jake T showed that he was a bit of a Robin Hood! (Although Mrs Fenton really takes the crown here with ten arrows on target! I think we may need to recast for Hoodwinked!)

We then tackled the 'power fan' which was a climbing challenge where you needed to climb a 15metre pole and then jump off! (You were attached by a cable to the 'power fan'- an auto-delay that lowered you to the ground slowly) So many children faced this challenge and Gracie, Anika and Rebecca did especially well as they were very, very nervous at the top but didn't back down- well done girls!!! All wanted to repeat the jump as soon as their feet touched the ground!

Next up was 'high equilibrium'- a giant see-saw on top of another big climbing pole! Ellie R & Luke T were one of the pairs to succeed in this challenge: they balanced the swing and jumped off together- with Luke even lending a helping hand at the top! Oliver and Lewis then make the challenge look like a piece of cake, even having a dance and game of 'rock, paper, scissors' at the top!

The day ended with abseiling- lots of children (plus Ms Battersby and Mrs Fenton) enjoyed this and special credit to Evie who not only completed this challenge but helped so many others with their harnesses afterwards.

Just before bed, we completed a water balloon challenge. Children had to construct a protective case for a balloon and the winning team were allowed to throw this at Jasmine, our group leader! Top marks to Jake W, Max, Lewis, Callum and Luke T who managed to protect their balloon!!

Today we are looking forward to singing at the birthday boy, Oliver and enjoy aeroball, Jacobs ladder and swimming among other challenges!

Right- off for another tasty breakfast! Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment...!

Miss Kendall :)



Residential update from Miss Kendall:

Children had a good night's sleep and are ready for another fun-packed day! We are looking forward to a visit from Ms Battersby as we complete more exciting activities!


Yesterday was fab, we started with a site tour with our group leader, Jasmine, then started activities with a 3G swing (essentially an enormously high swing!). All the children took part, even those feeling quite nervous! Callum, Jake W, Charlotte, Ellie F, Lewis and Oliver and Pearl all made it to the highest point (and thanks to Pearl, so did Miss Kendall! AAAAH!!! *thanks* Pearl!)

Following on from the 3G swing, we all enjoyed the aerial runway, especially Kudak who faced his fears and got a huge round of applause from children and instructors as he went for it on his second attempt. Well done Kudak!!!


The rooms are very comfortable, with some more tidy than others- Anna and Ellie R are so organised they look like they have moved in for good!

We have been well fed, with plenty of choice for mealtimes - I've been very impressed by the number of children piling up the salad with meals, very healthy!!

All the children are looking forward to this morning's first activity: archery (we can practise those Robin Hood skills ready for Hoodwinked at the end of term!)


Right, I need to round up the gang for breakfast!


Next update when I get another minute!

Miss Kendall :)

Update from Miss Kendall - Year 6 are having fun at Kingswood - lots of children facing their fears on 3G swing and aerial runway!

Made it nearly to the end of day one! - Year 6 we miss you!

Made it nearly to the end of day one! - Year 6 we miss you! 1