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Remote Learning

At Larkrise Primary our remote learning offer is continually evolving to ensure we maximise accessibility for all and engagement by all.

Inspired by research from The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), we aim to replicate the effectiveness of live classroom teaching by:

  • Ensuring pupils receive clear explanations through pre-recorded daily English and maths lessons delivered by the class teacher. These are available to view by clicking on the Class Story tab in Class Dojo. They can be watched at any time, paused or replayed to suit the individual learner and family routines.
  • Supporting growth in confidence with new material through scaffolded practice. This is may be through a learning activity linked to the pre-recorded video or through subscriptions to learning apps and platforms, such as Times Tables Rockstars, Big Cat Collins Ebook Library or Purple Mash.
  • Continuing to deliver a broad curriculum, including science and foundation subjects so that all children have a range of opportunities to apply new knowledge or skills. This includes specific teaching of the habits required for mental, physical and social wellbeing that promote happiness.
  • Enabling pupils to share their work through the Portfolio tab on Class Dojo and live virtual sessions so pupils can receive feedback on how to progress from both their peers and teachers.


We are conscious that learning at home is very different to learning in school and so we offer the following help and support:

  • Advice on how to establish routines and systems that are conducive to promoting a positive learning environment from home. As well as the leadership and teaching team, our Child and Family Support Worker is on hand to offer personalised support as required.
  • We can loan devices and increase mobile phone data to ensure all children are able to access our online learning offer. We can also provide all pupils with a Microsoft Teams account so that they can access applications such as Word and PowerPoint. This is useful for downloading or completing work set by class teachers on Class Dojo.
  • We are flexible in the way that children choose to complete and submit their work to the Class Dojo Portfolio. We do not mind if children choose to print a worksheet to complete or start with a blank page. They can photograph their work or write straight on to their device and upload a document. We are even quite happy to receive videos or voice recordings that demonstrate children’s understanding of the work set.


The most important thing to remember is that we are keen and willing to help every child and family to access and engage with our remote learning offer in a way that is enjoyable, sustainable and promotes a positive wellbeing for the whole family.


Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you are experiencing any difficulties in accessing or engaging with our remote learning offer or have valuable feedback to share. Our preferred way of teaching is in the classroom, however we are ambitious and committed to ensuring our remote learning offer is purposeful.

#DefeattheMonster Happiness Challenge


In school we use our 'CHOICE' values (curiosity, happiness, openness, integrity, courage and endeavour), Zones of Regulation and Habits of Happiness to make positive choices, be ready for learning and maintain a positive wellbeing. To empower children to use similar strategies to positively approach remote learning and lockdown, Mrs Osborne has created a #DefeattheMonster Happiness Challenge for your child and their family. Click on the link below to find out more and join Mrs Osborne's #DefeattheMonster Happiness Challenge:

Keep Reading!

Reading remains a priority during this period of remote learning. Early readers will continue to receive a daily phonics lesson and all children should continue to read to an adult each day. Further information with ideas and resources to support your child with reading at home are available from our reading page within ‘Curious Minds - Go Digital!’, please click the link below:

Stay Active!

We'll be encouraging all children to stay active during this period of national lockdown. Class teachers will set fitness activities and all children can access our activity trackers:

Wellbeing Wednesday


We know remote learning can be full on and hard work for all involved, including parents, carers, children and staff, and so we encourage everyone to participate in our Wellbeing Wednesday Afternoon. The purpose of this afternoon is to provide a flexible session that enables families to take a break from academic studies to complete an activity that promotes their overall wellbeing and happiness. During this time, teachers will take their planning and preparation time to support them to maintain sustainable working hours.


Each week, we will provide a suggested activity linked to our Habits of Happiness (Awareness, Movement, Gratitude and Kindness); however, families can choose how best they wish to use the afternoon. There is no expectation to submit work to the Class Dojo Portfolio on Wednesday afternoon.

Right to Play


Carving out time to play, is one of the easiest ways to keep children safe, calm, happy and interested. Children of all ages can benefit a huge amount from free play. Play can have a therapeutic effect and can even be a starting point for learning across the curriculum. It is so important that even the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) states that, ‘Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.’ (Article 31 UNCRC).


In line with our school vision and values, we remain incredibly committed to high educational standards. However, we are also mindful of the importance happiness plays in strengthening children’s courage to aim high, embrace challenge and seize opportunities – all of which are vital components of the learning process. 


With our complete support, please structure your day to allow children time to play as part of their home learning experience. Further links and ideas relating to the importance of play and how best to engage children of various ages in purposeful play can be found by clicking the link below:

Class Dojo - Children's portfolio accounts

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All remote learning is being uploaded on to Class Dojo. Children are able to access and submit completed work on this website. Each child has their own portfolio page where they can submit work which there class teacher will be able to comment and support learning. Here is a video to help you to understand how to access the portfolio.