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Home Learning

At Larkrise, we understand that parents and carers play a crucial role in supporting their children’s learning. We know that levels of parental engagement are consistently associated with children’s academic outcomes. As a result, this page provides suggestions and support for parents to engage with their children's learning.


Remote Learning due to COVID-19

This page also provides a starting point for remote learning should a singular child from a class be absent due to shielding, or isolation due to a family member displaying symptoms or testing positive for COVID-19. These activities should ensure that, assuming your child feels well enough, learning can continue immediately, as per our COVID-19 contingency plan. Our class teachers will still be teaching in class, but will contact your family, during the first day or so, to see how you all are and discuss a tailored programme for your child, linked to the learning taking place in the classroom.

Reading at Home


One of the best ways to support your child at home with learning is to read regularly and widely. All children receive a Big Cat reading scheme book. We recommend children read this book to an adult as much as possible and a note is recorded in their reading record book. It is also important for children to listen to adults read books for pleasure. This may be a fiction or non fiction book, a picture book or chapter book, but most importantly it should be a book that you can share and enjoy together.


Children who are at the early stages of reading will receive a phonics card with sounds and phonetically decodable words. Your child should practise the sounds and then sound out, blend and read the words. Class teachers keep a similar record in school and inform parents when each child is ready to move on to the next phase of sounds and words.


Below you will find information and links to resources that can offer support for reading at home:



A new list of spellings are given to children to practise weekly. We use the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check approach to help children retain important spellings. Children have the opportunity to apply these spellings to a sentence to also check their understanding of the word.


A weekly spelling test takes place in class and includes the spellings children have been practising at home.



All children receive a worksheet linked to their mathematical learning in class. Children should spend a maximum of thirty minutes completing this activity. Additional challenge sheets are available in each class.


Alongside this, we expect children to regularly practise their number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 or times tables. Each child is provided with a Purple Mash login so that they can access arithmetic based games to practise these key skills at any time or place.


Our maths and calculation policies below detail our approach to teaching maths and also include the written calculations we teach in school:



Due to the learning time missed from the partial school closure earlier in the year, many children would benefit from working on the key skills relating to English and maths so that they can fully access a broad and balanced curriculum in school. However, we continue to offer suggested activities linked to the class topic for home learning. A grid of topic related activities is provided by each class teacher. 

Curious Minds - Go Digital!


We know curious minds choose to explore learning at any time and place. Therefore as an extension to our school Curious Minds Curriculum, we are aiming to offer purposeful blended learning opportunities for all children through the use of digital resources.


This will be achieved by signposting a broad range of multimodal texts, apps, online learning platforms and websites to deepen each child's understanding of core competencies and the wide knowledge background they sit within. You can view our starting point by clicking on the 'children' tab on our school website.

Support with Home Learning


Class teachers can be contacted via Class Dojo or telephone to discuss activities related to home learning. We will continue to add information and resources to support parents to engage with their children's learning on this page so please do check back regularly.