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Join #DefeattheMonster Happiness Challenge

In school we use our 'CHOICE' values (curiosity, happiness, openness, integrity, courage and endeavour), Zones of Regulation and Habits of Happiness to make positive choices, be ready for learning and maintain a positive wellbeing. To empower you to use similar strategies to positively approach remote learning and lockdown, Mrs Osborne has created a #DefeattheMonster Happiness Challenge for you and your family.


#DefeattheMonster Happiness Challenge, aims to:


Take care of your mental wellbeing through...

Awareness - take notice and identify the monster

1. Draw and label the monster that might be keeping you or members of your family from the green zone.


Gratitude - keep learning how to look beyond the monster

2. Think carefully and learn about what you appreciate in life, tuck moments of gratitude in your green safe box.


Boost your physical wellbeing through...

Movement - be active and defeat the monster

3. Complete 100 moves to defeat the monster, repeat throughout the day to boost your movement levels and wellbeing.


Maintain your social wellbeing through...

Kindness - connect and give time to each other.

4. Use story time to connect and make time for each other.

Mrs Osborne's videos will guide you and your family through the #DefeattheMonster Happiness Challenge. The links to all available videos are listed below. Keep checking back regularly for new videos!


Remember to stay in contact by sharing your progress towards the defeating the monster, through photos, videos and messages via Class Dojo! You can even ask your parent or carer to tweet your efforts to @LarkrisePS, remember to use the hashtag #DefeattheMonster.


Together, we'll #DefeattheMonster!

You can find out more about our whole school CHOICE values and Habits of Happiness by clicking the link below: