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Home Learning & Contact Arrangements

Dear Parents/Carers,

As school closures continue, we need to ensure that our processes for setting home learning activities and keeping in touch with our families are clear. Therefore, our routine for the summer term will be as follows:


Home Learning

1) Work for each day in the school term will be put on your child’s class page on the school website by 9am. Class pages should be checked daily.


2) Purple Mash work (or work shared on Tapestry if your child is in Robins class) that is submitted online by children will be checked by their teachers towards the end of each working day. All children have a log in for this, please get in touch through Dojo or if your child has lost their Purple Mash log in details.


3) There will be a WEEKLY newsletter added to the website each week to keep you informed of any new developments and celebrate learning that our teachers are particularly pleased with.


4) Teachers will check Dojo messages daily on week days during the school term so that you can contact your child’s teacher to ask questions or share information about your child’s learning. 


Therefore all families will need access to Class Dojo, please contact with your child’s name and class if you are not already signed up.


5) You can still contact the school directly through our email address:


6) We understand that shared technology can make home learning a challenge. We hope that by our teachers putting daily tasks on our class pages we are helping you with home learning – Please remember that we don’t expect your days at home to run like a regular school day. Feel free to adapt tasks if you need to, have fun and remember that taking breaks and relaxing is really important too.



1) Class teachers will expect to have regular contact with all children in their class or parents through: Purple Mash (submitted work), Tapestry (if in Robins class) or Class Dojo (messages or pictures of work etc)If a teacher has had no contact from an individual, teachers will decide if they need to pass their concerns to the school safeguarding leads. Please understand that in this difficult time schools are expected to maintain a significant part in their duty of care role and we are doing as much as we can to keep in touch with our children. If we call you, a call from school may appear as a withheld number on your phone due to senior leaders working from home rather than the school office.


2) Those families who have children working with Mrs Pointon, our Family Support Worker, will be contacted by her once a week.


3) Some families will be contacted weekly by Mrs Collins-Duncan (you will have already heard from her if this includes you).


4) If class teachers become concerned about a child’s welfare, they will report this through the usual channels.


5) If you find that you are struggling at home, please check the Parents tab on our school website and click on ‘Help and Support’ to find services available to you.


6) You can still get in touch with the school through our email address:


7) If you need to speak to us, you can call the office on 01245 471654. You can leave a message on our answerphone. Due to a reduced number of staff being on site, it may take us a little longer than usual to respond to your call.




Working from home is new to all of us, and as a staff we will review our systems regularly to ensure they are as effective as possible. We will inform you if any changes are made.