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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Larkrise Primary School

Members of Staff as at September 2017


Ms L Battersby                         Headteacher

Miss J Kendall                          Deputy Headteacher

Miss D Collins                          Assistant Headteacher/Inclusion (SENCO)



Mrs P Hazell                             EYFS Teacher

Miss N Del Pizzo                      Year 1 Teacher       

Miss H Dawson                        Year 2 Teacher

Miss A Maclennan                    Year 3 Teacher

Miss D Collins and                    Year 4 Teacher

Mrs J Hawkridge                       Year 4 Teacher

Miss M Cartwright                       Year 5 Teacher

Miss J Kendall                           Year 6 Teacher



Mrs J Crozier                            School Business Manager

Mrs P Hill                                  Office Administrator



Mr G Goodey                            Site Manager


Mrs J Esser                               Family Support Worker

Mrs C Fenton                            HLTA



Miss S Campion                       Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Charlick                          Learning Support Assistant

Miss N Edwards                        Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Gibson                             Learning Support Assistant                         

Miss D Green                            Learning Support Assistant

Mrs C Hawkes                           Learning Support Assistant

Ms K Jackson                            Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Jarrold                              Learning Support Assistant

Mrs D Mukherjee                       Learning Support Assistant                            

Mrs C Tooze                              Learning Support Assistant


Mrs C Kemp                              Catering Manager

Miss J Collis                              Catering Staff

Mrs P Davey                             Catering Staff