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Performance Data

Larkrise joined the Eveleigh Link Academy Trust in September 2016. There are no Inspection reports available for Larkrise since joining the Trust and becoming an Academy. There is a link below to data from Summer 2016 just before joining the Trust. See below for the link to relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables summer 2016.



The following data relates to our end of year data 2018.

2018 SATs results – We are very pleased with another great set of results!


In 2016 the government changed the SATs tests at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 to make it much harder to reach the Age Related Expectation (ARE). (Percentages in brackets relate to 2016 results)

Results were as follows:

Key Stage Two 2018 : 22 children in the cohort - each child is therefore equivalent to nearly 5.0% of the total.


Since becoming an academy the school has attained higher scores than the national average for reading, writing and mathematics combined at key stage 2. In 2018 the percentage of pupils attaining the higher than expected standard increased by 14% and is now higher than the national average.


64% at reading, writing and maths combined age related expectations (35% in 2016)


Reading 68% at Age Related Expectation (52%) with 23% higher than age related expectation.
Writing 73% at Age Related Expectation (57%) with 27% higher than age related expectation.
GPS* 64% at Age Related Expectation (57%) with 23% higher than age related expectation.
Maths 64% at Age related Expectation (44%) with 23% higher than age related expectation.


Progress in Reading -1.0 (Average)

Progress in Writing +1.0 (Average)

Progress in Mathematics -1.2 (Average)

*Grammar Punctuation & Spelling


Ave scaled score for Reading 102.3

Ave scaled score for Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling 103

Ave scaled score for mathematics 102.0



EYFS 2018

68% of EYFS children reached a Good Level of Development (GLD) (65%)








Year 1 2018
82% of children in Year 1 met the required standard for phonics (82%)


Y1 Phonics - Required score